Welcome to this blog!

A particular welcome to the ‘silver generation’, those of us of a certain vintage who may wish to shout louder to be heard; those who may find themselves in less than favourable circumstances and who need to discover a way of becoming victorious rather than being victims; those of us who may feel that we have been left behind in this time of blogging, tweeting, and social networking; those of us who feel that we have a lot to offer but are perhaps never asked. Our lives are changing at a pace that we have not before experienced; but we KNOW that we can make a difference!


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2 responses to “Hello!

  1. …and make a difference, you do… for I have come to know you just for a short time, but I already know that you care, and care deeply, about family, and the elderly, and friends, and those just a little older, those whose ages we are approaching with great certainty…and I also know that you are passionate about your homeland. How can this not make a difference, for you are one of the keepers, of history, of stories, of passion… that my friend, leads you to make a difference every day of your life.

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