Retirement Age

This week we read that Jerry Brown, at the age of 72 was sworn in as the new governor of California. At 72, he will lead one of the world’s largest economies and over 38 million people. Click here for facts about him.

Recently a 90-year-old  bus driver in Minnesota celebrated his birthday and 30 years of bus driving. This means that he began this career at age 60.

In Ireland, retirement is eagerly awaited by many who look forward to spending quality time enjoying activities away from the work place .  However, anyone facing retirement who does not have the means to continue in a comfortable lifestyle will await the date of compulsory retirement and the official dismissal letter  with a heavy heart.  Rather than being an occasion for celebration, it is in reality a very dark time.

Who can rightly decide when a working life is over  and at what age a person has no further value?


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