Titanic 100: Officer’s letter to go for auction

A hand written letter from Titanic’s Chief Officer Henry Wilde  is up for auction. The letter dated 7 April 1912 was penned while the Titanic was in Southampton. This is an item from the Irish Independent newspaper that has  some interesting pictures.

Click to read on…Titanic officer’s letter to go under the hammer on 100 year anniversary – Europe, World News – Independent.ie.


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5 responses to “Titanic 100: Officer’s letter to go for auction

  1. This will always have a fascination to all of us interested in history… such a sad and intriguing story.

  2. J. G. Burdette

    This is also the officer that said “I still don’t like this ship, I have a queer feeling about it”. I believe he old this to his sister in a letter sent from Queenstown. Enjoyed the article.

    • Thank you indeed for adding to the post —and wasn’t he right to have queer feeling about it! I believe that he was one of the most helpful officers on board in helping many women and children get to the life boats.

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