Titanic 100:Bi-lingual commemorative plaque for Addergoole 14

Addergoole – Ireland’s Titanic Village – is so-called because no fewer than 14 friends and neighbours set sail on the Titanic for a new life in America. 11 of these drowned in the freezing Atlantic waters. (See my earlier post here recounting the extraordinarily moving annual commemoration that takes place in this village in the West of Ireland.)

A commemorative plaque is to be unveiled in Castlebar, the main town in County Mayo, from which the emigrants departed by train. The Addergoole community has been instrumental in ensuring that this plaque be in both the Irish and English languages – a further fitting tribute to their kinsfolk, most of whom spoke only Irish when they left their friends and family on that ill-fated journey, a century ago.
The memory of the Addergoole 14 is indeed in the safe hands of the community that has not forgotten them.

Read the news story here. 

Well done, Addergoole!Another fine example of the excellence and dignity with which your community upholds the memory of your people!

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6 responses to “Titanic 100:Bi-lingual commemorative plaque for Addergoole 14

  1. alexdylannolan

    Many thanks for your article. Much appreciated. The community in Addergoole has shown itself, in these harsh times, to absolutely incredible. I believe the community found in and around the village of Lahardane, and those in neighbouring towns and communities in County Mayo is the true reflection of Irish society rather than what is presently dominating the broadcast radio and television.

    • The story of Addergoole and how it has lovingly tended to the memory of its emigrants is a very inspirational one.Community spirit such as in the Lahardane area is indeed the unseen and unsung wealth of our country.

  2. alexdylannolan

    Reblogged this on Addergoole Fourteen Titanic 1912 and commented:
    Excellent little article about the Addergoole Community.

  3. J. G. Burdette

    Their story was so tragically sad.

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