The Silver Voice – Finalist in European e-inclusion awards !

Some time ago I was nominated by Age Action Ireland for the prestigious European wide  e-inclusion awards.  The email received just a few days ago had to be read and re-read and read again! It stated: ‘You have been selected as one of 3 finalists in the ‘I am part of IT’ Award Category to attend our e-inclusion Awards ceremony in Brussels ‘.

Established by The European Commission, the  e-Inclusion Awards  aim to ‘raise awareness, encourage participation and recognise excellence and good practice in using ICT and digital technology to tackle social and digital exclusion across Europe.‘  With the aim of collecting  all the great practice across Europe in supporting people to go online and with  the stories of people who have benefitted from their internet experience, the awards have two categories, and my nomination was made under  the ‘I am part of IT’ heading.

With Michael D.Higgins (now President of Ireland) at Google HQ, Dublin, Ireland , September last  at Google Age Action Silver Surfer Awards 2011

Nominated for the Google Age Action Silver Surfer Awards 2011, I was thrilled to win the  Social Networking  category, to which I had a very  heart-warming and supportive response. As a result of winning that award I have had enormous support and increasing readership of my blog and supporting Facebook page. Now, to have been chosen as one of  only three finalists in this category, with entries from 35 countries is quite honestly flabbergasting!

The real winners here  are Age Action, a charity that promotes positive ageing and has as an objective that Ireland will be a great place to grow old. (‘Old’ is  relative of course, and it  is a condition I wish upon you all! ). Age Action has recently won the national Aontas Star Award for adult education for their ‘Getting Started’ programme, that  assists older people (55+) to learn basic IT, internet and email skills.  They aim to help this section of society  to beat exclusion and isolation and thereby increase independence and equality.

By showing that I have managed to do this, I hope to be an ambassador for the excellent work of Age Action and look forward to being with them in Brussels later in the week!

I am indebted to Age Action for the enormous encouragement I have received by participating in their Awards schemes and to my mentor and critic Damian who nominated me for the Silver Surfer Awards and who set the bar very high with his own blog at  and to many friends who have been so supportive.

Age Action Facebook Page is here – they would love a LIKE!

Age Action Web page is here

Damian’s excellent blog  is here 

E-inclusion website is here 

E-inclusion Awards list of Entries  is here

My Facebook Page is here 


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10 responses to “The Silver Voice – Finalist in European e-inclusion awards !

  1. Chris

    Beautifully said… Congratulations to the youngest Silver Surfer I know… we wait with baited breath…

  2. Lois Farley Shuford

    Congratulations! What an honor!

  3. Fantastic!!! and so well deserved Angela. Important, indeed, for we older people to embrace the new technologies especially when, like me, mobility is reduced… You’re an inspiration! I’ll be looking to see if there’s a similar organisation to Age Action I can work with, here in South Australia. Enjoy your trip.

    • Catherine – Thank you for your comments! It is indeed absolutely necessary that we get and keep clued-in to this technology – for without it we are even more isolated. it is a total godsend to anyone with reduced mobility for it brings the world to you, when you cannot go to the world. Age Action recognizes this and has a great upskilling programme in various locations. Hopefully they can extend them nationwide here in Ireland and I sincerely hope that there may be similar organizations there in Southern Australia to empower all of the citizens equally.
      Thanks for visiting ;

  4. jer


    Its me !!!!!! Your old mentoring buddy!!!!

    Just heard today about your e-inclusion nomination (won’t tell you who told me!!!! You too modest to even tell me !!!)

    Congrats !!!!


    P.S. 1st time I have been on a blog page (now for you!!!!, believe it or not).

  5. Superb news and so well deserved. We’re all going to be cheering for you to be #1 even though being top 3 is still a fantastic success.

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