A bit of Craic in Croagh, County Limerick!

Every working day I travel the N21 passing by the village of Croagh, County Limerick. In recent months I have been intrigued by a very handsome solitary capped figure sitting on a bench on a side road just off the main road. Very realistic, it took a few days for me to realize that Croagh Man is not real!

Imagine my astonishment last week to find that he was kitted out in black tie, dress shirt and  had a bride by his side! No ordinary woman this – this is a genuine authentic dumb blonde with straw hair!

Croagh Man and Croagh Bride

Today I was equally astonished to find that Bride of Croagh Man had vanished!

The creator/artist happened along on his ride-on mower – this was Tom who had created Croagh Man and who mows the grass and verges in Croagh for ‘something to do ‘ in his retirement. The bride was placed in celebration of a local wedding that took place between neighbours in recent days. Now alone again, Croagh Man, comfortably back in his working clothes, was undergoing repairs to cover a gash in his thigh (it is to be hoped that the new bride did not inflict this injury in an attempt to defend herself from unwanted advances!)

Croagh Man- Alone again

Tom is doing great community work in is spare time and has provided visual enjoyment for the likes of me who whizz by a couple of times a day on otherwise mundane days!  Thanks Tom! Thanks for the smiles!  (he did not give his surname!)

For non-Irish –  a bit  of ‘craic’ – pronounced ‘crack’ =  a bit of fun – totally drug-free!

Croagh is pronounced CROKE

If anyone knows who Tom is – perhaps they might draw his attention to this blog post 🙂



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3 responses to “A bit of Craic in Croagh, County Limerick!

  1. What a bit of fun indeed! Delightful! Thank you for introducing me to a new word – craic! And good luck to Tom!

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