‘Titanic’ launch ticket, May 1911

The Titanic was launched in Belfast, Ireland in  May 1911. This post from the excellent series in the  Irish Times ‘ A History of Ireland in 100 Objects’ contextualizes that event in the Ireland of that time.

‘Titanic’ launch ticket, May 1911.


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3 responses to “‘Titanic’ launch ticket, May 1911

  1. An interesting story… I wonder how many other incidental items are languishing in people’s drawers or trunks, etc. The fascination with the Titanic will be for evermore I would think. I also love the 100 Objects series… I do wish they would keep it ongoing… why not the 1000 objects or more? 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, Angela!!! Thanks for this post for I never would have had any notion that the sinking of the “Titanic” would have had such a significant impact upon “Home Rule”.
    Also, having the date when it was launched helps me with the mystery of myGrandfather whom I’ve been told was signed up as a Musician of the Titanic but clearly missed the sailing date… was he otherwise distracted and is this why my dad was conceived??? Gives me another path to follow up on this particular family question. Thanks 🙂 …

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