April 11 1912,Titanic sails from Ireland

On the afternoon of April 11 1912, the Titanic picks up her last 123 passengers at Queenstown County Cork, Ireland. Joining the 2,105 already on board are 113 who will travel in 3rd class, 7 for 2nd class, and 3 as 1st class passengers.

Addergoole 14

Waiting on the Queenstown quayside to join the RMS Titanic
Published with permission of artist.

For some on board, this was a great adventure, crossing the Atlantic on board a luxurious new ship. Many may have been excited by the prospect of a new life in the New World, while many more would be feeling great sorrow at leaving loved ones behind, not knowing when or where they will meet again.

Titanic last

The last known image of Titanic as she departs Queenstown.Image Wiki.Commons

And so the RMS Titanic steams out of Cork Harbour for a meeting with destiny no one on board could envisage.



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9 responses to “April 11 1912,Titanic sails from Ireland

  1. Poignant photographs indeed. The Heritage Centre in Cobh is a must-visit, and not only for tourists.
    With the Lusitania connection Cobh has a sad relationship with the sea.

  2. Reblogged this on FisherBelfast's Blog and commented:
    See my comments on how a coachload of fifty visitors (including myself) from Co. Monaghan and Tyrone was unable to gain access to Cobh yesterday to visit the heritage centre.

  3. I saw a documentary about the Addergoole 14 and how the village tried to forget this tragic tale. Many years later the townfolk decided to tell the story and now ring the bell every year on April 12th for each of the 11 people who died.

  4. Thankyou Angela. I’ve never realised before that the Titanic had Irish Immigrants aboard. I thought it was simply a pleasure ship… how silly of me 😦 Not that this reduced my sadness at the terrible loss of life.

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  6. Yvonne Venable

    Has there ever been another ship built like the titanic? As large?

    • Yes indeed Yvonne. It was one of three similar ships – Titanic, Olympic and Britannic. They were almost identical. While the biggest liner of its day, that has long been surpassed in modern times. The Queen Mary is, I believe, the largest liner afloat at the moment. Cruise ships and modern tankers are vast in comparison. too. Thank yoy for dropping by!

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