April 13 1912: Titanic sails in calm waters

On this night 101 years ago, the RMS Titanic is sailing through calm waters. Just over 48 hours earlier she had departed Queenstown, County Cork. Passengers on board expect  to dock in New York on April 17, four days from now.

Among them are wealthy Americans who, having completed their tour of Europe are returning home in the most luxurious and fastest liner on the Atlantic route. Here too are hundreds of emigrants who have bidden farewell to mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends all across Europe, and are now looking forward to a new life in a new land.


Members of the Orchestra on board Titanic. Image Wikimedia.Commons

As they steam towards their meeting with destiny in just 24 hours from now, many 1st class passengers may be enjoying and dancing to the music of the on-board orchestra, while many others begin to settle down for the night. The calm conditions  make for a comfortable night’s sleep. The 128 children on board are probably already settled. For many of them –  for most of them – this is to be their last night alive.





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6 responses to “April 13 1912: Titanic sails in calm waters

  1. I can just see them snuggling down for their last time being tucked in.

  2. This still makes me shiver every time I hear anything about the Titanic, such joy ending in such tragedy.

  3. I’m wondering about the route they took after leaving Cork?… e.g. did they stop in at Liverpool?
    That’s a lovely pictorial memorium to the Orchestra Angela. I’ve been working with a blogging friend who has a great interest in, and knowledge of the Titanic, in an attempt to discover whether my Grandfather actually was signed up to join the Orchestra, as my newly discovered half cousin has been told, or whether that’s just another one of those “family stories”? June thinks he may have missed the boat because our Grandfather was too drunk… I wonder if it’s because he got delayed in Yorkshire because of the birth of my dad which her Grandmother … his other “wife” in Canada knew nothing about… 🙂
    It’s taken me quite a while to catch up with these Titanic posts Angela which I’ve been promising myself to do for quite some time now… am now enjoying them immensely. Many thanks…

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