How We Teach Our Sons To Rape

Very powerful, insightful and shocking blog post about why men rape – WHY do we teach our girl children not to be raped, yet we don’t teach our boy children NOT TO RAPE girls? Why?



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2 responses to “How We Teach Our Sons To Rape

  1. When the news story came out of this young girls suicide following her rape I was once again throwing my hands in the air and asking “Why?” This is such a difficult subject in this day and age of social media. I don’t do Facebook because I think it dumbs down our socializing. It is cheap and fake and people need to get back to the basic of having conversations and writing letters. The boys in this story have no idea about real life. It’s all about the picture on the little screen and not the flesh and bones they have violated. What’s the solution? I don’t know. Get the gadgets out of the hands for a while maybe. Technology is amazing but it can also be poisoness and toxic. Thankyou for bringing this difficult subject to light.

    • Kerry, When I was a teenager at an all girls boarding school the discourse of the time was that ‘men will be men’ and it was up to women to ensure they were not sexually assaulted. In fact I recall a triumphant nun telling us that a girl was found dead in a ditch someplace, clutching her Child of Mary Medal – she had died rather than be defiled. At no stage was there any negative comment about the perpetrator of the crim. I agree that the ‘electronic’ age has added to the problem, as indeed has the availability of alcohol. What re we to do – other than tell young men that it is not acceptable and that its not a matter of ‘scoring’ to impress peers. It is a crime of violence. I think we need to revisit our education system to address these matters. Thank you for visiting . I appreciate and value your comments. Kind regards Angela

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