A Balmy Evening

Lawn1 9 pm on a balmy summer evening, in Limerick, Ireland. The acre has just been mown and the  air is heavy with the scent of freshly cut grass .

lAWN3Low flying birds are feasting on evening insects as the sun prepares to slip behind the hill.

The delicious scent of freshly cut grass mixes with the heady perfume of  a Honeysuckle in full bloom.hONEYSUCKLETruly, a perfect evening!



August 7, 2013 · 8:49 pm

10 responses to “A Balmy Evening

  1. I can smell that grass and honeysuckle I’m sure… it looks beautiful, Angela… I have honeysuckle also, though mine is cram and yellow… I love the fragrance. My freesias are coming into bloom, so I know it’s true, winter is ending and spring really is coming…I survived another winter!

    • We have several different Honesysuckle too with various colour combinations and intensity of scent – I have another that has no scent at all – and we have a wonderfully perfumed one that grows wild in the hedgerows.
      Freesias are right ‘up there’ when it comes to perfume – particularly the yellow ones up here in the northern hemisphere. Glad you feel you are exiting ‘hibernation’ – hope you have a great spring!

  2. Magic! Can anything outdo the fragrance of honeysuckle?

  3. sounds wonderful Angela, now all we need is sratch and sniff options 🙂

  4. Perfect, unless you’re an evening insect. You’ve enough room to lay a cricket pitch there SV 🙂 No it looks gorgeous and perfect for sitting out with bit of reading and writing together with a glass of wine.

    • Thank you – so it is – no nicer place as it faces due west into the setting sun, and after dark I have this fabulous piece of sky that I can call my own ! As for insects – Midgies I kill, until the bats come along and eat them up! Visit much appreciated – thank you !

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