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Soft Day, thank God

In Ireland we have an expression,  ‘Soft day, thank God’. It’s more of a greeting than anything else, and is totally baffling to anyone who is not from these parts.  Living as I do in Munster, in the southern part of Ireland, this  is a common expression with which I have become  familiar. However my origins are in the  north of the country, where the expression is not common.

‘Soft day, thank God’  will be heard only on wet days as it is an acknowledgement of persistent gentle rain, such as we had today. I recall my father hearing this expression for the first time when he first visited this part of Ireland.  I could only describe his response as bewildered indignity. When the expression was explained to him he responded  ‘What are you talking about? It’s a miserable wet day!’ Which of course it is!

There is however a beautiful by-product in the form of gentle raindrops resting on plants, and I attempted to capture some of these jewels in my garden this evening.  Photos are here.


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