You are my Sunshine

I have been given a Sunshine Flower by Jean Tubridy, for which I am most grateful and surprised!  I do not normally take part in these blog ‘awards’, as they are so time consuming but have made an exception here to mark a beautiful sun-filled summer of 2013  and to acknowledge the wonderful bloggers that I follow and who follow my scribbles here on the internet. I am doing so as a once-off celebration of  you all!

There are rules :

Link back to your nominator.

I have  followed Jean Tubridy’s blog almost from the get-go. Such a wonderful writer with a beautiful command of English who is able to get to the heart of the matter in a  half sentence. Inspirational, funny, delightful.

Display the Sunshine Award image as you see below:

image of yellow sunflower representing sunshine blogger award

Rule 3: List Ten Random Things about Yourself

These things enlighten my life

1. I love the sun and  first thing every morning I look to see if the golden rays are dancing on the tree outside my bedroom window.

2. I love light – my house faces south with huge windows to the south and to the west to enjoy the setting sun

3. I love flowers – wild and in the garden – and spend hours peering at them.

4. I love scenery and am blessed to live in Ireland that has such wonderful scenery.

5. I love books and good writing and read in the hope that some of the writing eloquence might be transmitted to me! 

6. I love music, especially the big emotional kind, such as Renee Fleming singing Song to the Moon.

7. I love the Moon and the Stars and am blessed with my own piece  of sky here in the country and have a telescope to enjoy them all the more!

8.I love meeting with friends for coffee or to go to theatre or just for a chat as they lighten my days!

9. I love solitary walks in the company of birds and insects and hearing the sounds of nature.

10. I love the internet and blogging-  it has enlightened me more than anything else in my life and opened up a whole new world to me in the ‘golden’ years of life.

So who will receive my Sunflower?

If YOU are reading this, then please accept one from me ! I read so, so many wonderful posts each week,I cannot  single out a few as each is a gem, a jewel, a ray of sunshine in my life. Each is thoughtfully written and ‘put out there’ to inform, to inspire, to provoke, to gladden, to dismay, to enlighten, to bring Sunshine to our lives!  Thank you all!


August 27, 2013 · 10:22 pm

5 responses to “You are my Sunshine

  1. A lovely post, and a well deserved award…as you are one who spreads the sunshine…

  2. SV, I just love the way you’ve approached this and am sooooooooooooooooo pleased that you made the exception this time! Now you have me all curious about Renee Fleming singing ‘Song to the Moon.’ It’s absolutely all hours as I write this so I’m going to wait for a lovely moonlit night and find it and play it and think of YOU!

  3. It’s a beautiful thing and very well deserved Angela… You certainly do light up my life in more ways than I can ever say. However I now shy well away from any mention of Awards etc… after all that horrible stuff that happened here with our Oz geneas earlier this year.
    Whilst accepting, but not agreeing with the view of some, who decided and made it very clear that they would no longer accept awards it seems the situation has changed… and appears to be dependant on who it is that is handing out said “award”. I still don’t understand how folks can say they will not accept Awards from friends and colleagues but then change their mind when it’s handed out by a Magazine… or whatever…which gives their blog lots of coverage???
    Colour me contrary… but I do know that eventually I’ll get this sorted in my aging befuddled brain in a way that finally makes sense to me… 😀

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