Culture Night, Ireland September 2013

This is the eighth annual Culture Night, with 34 regions, towns and cities around the island of Ireland taking part in a variety of free cultural and artistic events.

Music, dance, theatre, spoken word, literature, visual art, tours, workshops and exhibitions are all part of this year’s programme, with details available

To mark this special night, I am reposting  a blog about Sean O ‘Riada who had such an influence on our Irish traditional music, modernizing it and bringing it to the attention of an entire generation. 

Happy Culture Night to all readers in Ireland!


September 20, 2013 · 3:42 pm

13 responses to “Culture Night, Ireland September 2013

  1. Sigh – not a sausage in Kiltimagh. I guess that’s our culture! Bah.

    • Sorry to hear of your deprivation in Kiltimagh! RTE radio had a 3 hour programme this evening for places that did not have any event . It has been so big this year that even Kiltimagh will have something next year. If you have a library, shame them into it!

      • We do have a library! Surprisingly 🙂 I haven’t ever noticed that they get involved in local events, however. It’s such a pub culture here, and hardly any pubs are left. No matter, we are all over the moon excited about the All Ireland match on Sunday so no one has time to think of much else!

      • This is it! Otherwise occupied, so no time for culture!
        Am rooting for Mayo too . At a Conference during the summer when superstitions and folklore were being discussed, the matter of Mayo winning the All-Ireland came up. Apparently the last time they won it in 1951 they passed out a funeral on the way home with the cup- and a curse was placed on Mayo that they would never win another while anyone on the team remained alive. Apparently 2 left. If I were them I would remain in hiding for the day! Enjoy the match!

      • Hahahah! Yes that’s been much in the news lately – one of the two lads left said it never happened! Also, another priest has given a blessing or whatnot to lift the curse – wonder why he didn’t do it last year?

  2. He didn’t dare – Donegal were in the competition! And we won! Dismal this year, so we are rooting for Mayo. 🙂

    • Ha! Well I have a bit of gra for Donegal, so I didn’t mind so much myself. But Dublin?!? Please oh please let us bogtrotters show them a thing or two! I’m a bit sick of Dublin being the centre of the world when it comes to anything newsworthy…

  3. I just blogged about my Culture Night experience in Dublin. Did you get to participate in any of the events yourself? It truly is a great night out.

    • I read your blog yesterday – and really enjoyed it . Was so envious of all the events in Dublin – I am a country resident but we did have a couple of events in my nearest town, but unfortunately I was unable to attend. Did last year though in Limeric city, and hope to be back next year! It is a terrific event for sure – and with the annual Heritage Week I think we in Ireland do great things for ‘the bit of culture’ .

  4. You and your fellow Irish have so much history, so much art, and enthusiasm for festivity. Culture Night sounds like a night of excitement all over the land. I checked out this website that described some of the different happenings. I would love to experience this … maybe next year; unless you Irish prefer that outsiders not show up …, Hope you a are well. T

    • Glad you enjoyed and glad you did some further research. EVERYONE is welcome to EVERYTHING in Ireland! We are not called ‘Ireland of the Welcomes’ without reason! 🙂 There will be a huge welcome awaiting when you do arrive! All well here after a long balmy summer. Hope all is well with you too!

  5. I wish I hadn’t missed this special occasion. But I did partake in quite a bit of Irish music performances while I was in Dublin. I stopped in Adare, and it made me feel a little closer to O’Riada while reading this, since now I can visualize where he came from.

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