St Patrick’s Day:Badges,Shamrocks and ‘Going Green’

Badges, Shamrocks and Going Green for St Patrick’s Day.Update of an earlier post.


adare shamrock A bowl of ‘Shamrock‘ on a restaurant table in Adare, Co. Limerick this week

St. Patrick’s Day…When half the world turns green and the other half is out parading –  or so it seems! Airports, rivers, waterfalls, tourist features, buildings, beer and people the world over – all in green livery for the ‘big day’. From Pyramids to Google Doodles– they are all ‘at it’!  But, it is far from all of this that we were reared!

Trifolium.dubium This little 3 leafed plant looks like the Shamrock that we used to pick for St Patrick’s Day. It grew tight to the ground and was difficult to pick the little sprigs.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations  in my small village in Donegal were traditionally simple. Apart from obligatory Mass and school being closed, nothing else much happened. I have tried to recall the events of a typical St Patrick’s Day…

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3 responses to “St Patrick’s Day:Badges,Shamrocks and ‘Going Green’

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you from Texas!

  2. This is fascinating. St. Patrick’s Day has always had a special place in my heart because we do use it as a way to celebrate all things Irish here; our Irish heritage included. It’s interesting to see how far from its origins the holiday has gotten. The simple feast and wearing of the shamrock sounds like enough. I can do without the green beer, leprechauns, and shenanigans that come with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I’m happy enough to wear green and eat Colcannon. 🙂

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