Young at heart? Why not OLD at heart!

“Aging…Not everyone gets here. We, all of us who looked battered and weathered, are more beautiful than we know.”so says Jan Wilberg on a wonderful piece of writing on her blog at   Red’s Wrap. 

It only takes a moment to read   – but it  will  be hours in your head!

Read on  here 
My thanks to Social Bridge  for reblogging this wonderful piece of writing from Jan Wilberg’s  blog.


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6 responses to “Young at heart? Why not OLD at heart!

  1. Kerry O'Gorman

    Great link…such fantastic sentiment from a wise woman.

  2. Oh, I read this yesterday on Freshly Pressed! It’s so perfect! I say, “amen”!

  3. Thank you for sharing! I agree with Jan’s thoughts and feel better already about my beautiful old body that I intend to use up!

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