Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia

On March 17 last I was delighted to be introduced to the famous annual Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea event in Western Australia. Not only was it my first trip to Western Australia’s most iconic beach, it was fascinating to see some 70 pieces of Artwork on display in the open (and no vandalism!) Appreciation of   modern art installations can sometimes be something of a challenge for me, but these modern sculptures were right on my plane and I loved them. I hope you like them too!

I do not have a name for each work, but they are good to look at anyhow!

Loved this spinning flower

Flower in  the wind

Flower in the wind

Bulk Carrier

Bare feet often seen at a beach!

Bottle top Monsters

And what about some Bottle Bottoms?

Bottle Bottoms!

Bottle Bottoms!

Stuff from the seashore

More Monsters!

Surfboard Graveyard?



Killer Wave…..

Of course it is hard to improve on nature –  this is my own piece of artwork –  people enjoying beautiful Cottesloe Beach!

Cottesloe Art - by Me ! Enjoying the beach!

Cottesloe Art – by Me ! Enjoying the beach!

Thanks to my friend Leith, for a great afternoon!


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14 responses to “Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia

  1. Thanks for posting these – they look fantastic!

  2. Love this, lots of ideas here. Thanks for posting .

  3. How neat! These pieces are so colorful and fun. I especially like the Killer Wave and Bare Feet.

    Is the exhibit always there?

    • Hi. Unfortunately it is temporary and the exhibits are dispersed. The only one I am aware of that has been relocated is the spinning flower. I think it is to become road art somewhere near the airport. The Sculpture on the Beach is an annual event. I would love to see another to see if the installations would be so innovative

  4. Love these, great to see so much recycled as well… very innovative.

  5. SV, absolutely adore the whole idea of sand art. Just love the pics!

  6. What a great exhibit! Really cool artworks that show such creativity and humor, and do it in a way that’s impossible to ignore! I think it’s sad that most of the pieces are temporary but I suppose there’s a deep, metaphysical conclusion to be reached there, about the impermanence of human undertakings, or something. So glad you were there to take the photos!

  7. I love them too! The Barbie Dolls were a surprise! Thanks for sharing.

  8. May have to add this to the bucket list, Angela! You’re right though, it’s hard to improve on nature, especially WA’s wonderful beaches…Hugh praise from a Queenslander.

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