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Croagh Patrick,Ireland’s Pilgrim Mountain

Today on the last Sunday in July,2014, 30,000 Pilgrims scaled Croagh Patrick mountain,in the West of Ireland, following a tradition going back hundreds of years.
Here is my earlier post on this annual event,an event like no other that draws people of all ages from all over Ireland.


On the last Sunday of July each year,tens of thousands of people, many barefoot, climb the steep slopes of Croagh (pronounced Croke) Patrick, on a penitential pilgrimage.  They are following in the footsteps of generations of pilgrims who have ascended the conical mountain, in the West of Ireland, in County Mayo. The mountain is known locally as ‘The Reek’ and today is ‘Reek Sunday

Croagh Patrick dominates the landscape for miles; from the N17  road that runs north to Sligo from Clare, its almost perfect cone can be seen from some 20 miles distant,and on a clear day it can be seen from some 40 miles away. Anyone reaching the summit, whether tourist or pilgrim,is stunned by the magnificent views, most especially of Clew Bay with its more than 300 islands, lying some  2,500 feet below.

It is believed that St Patrick used the mountain as a place of penance and that…

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