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Postcards from Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin



Dún Laoghaire (pronounced Dun- lee -ry) is a coastal town south of Dublin, familiar to many Irish emigrants who departed these shores for economic betterment of life in England, this writer included. Back then, Dún Laoghaire was the ferry terminal, my sorrowful point of departure from home, but in later years it was also the joyful point of arrival usually for summer holidays. (It still is a bustling Ferry Terminal for passengers crossing the Irish Sea between Ireland and Wales) The other week, I was back there attending the Great War Roadshow lectures and at the end of the day I grabbed a few photos of the venue and immediate surroundings. Hope you enjoy looking at the ‘postcards’!The venue was the Dún Laoghaire and Rathdown County Hall. This beautiful building was originally the Town Hall of the Kingstown Town Commissioners, Kingstown being the name of the town between 1821 and 1920.

Kingstwon Harbour c1895 with the Town Commissioners Building between the two spires. (Image Library of Congress)

Kingstown Harbour c.1895 with the imposing Town Commissioners Building between the two spires. (Image Library of Congress)

The interior of the building proudly connects with its past.


There are some beautiful features, including the mosaic floor and decorated ceiling.

The stairs are luxuriously wide and elegant, with the original handrail and a large window on the first landing

The plaster work is exquisite. The Janitor pointed out this fascinating detail – it  is a self-portrait of the craftsman who did the plaster work. Unfortunately his name is unknown. This can be spotted by the sharp-eyed when descending the stairs.

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A pair of ornamental iron gates used to separate the adjoining Courthouse from the main Town Hall. These are usually left open nowadays, but are worth inspecting!

Across the road is the Queen Victoria Fountain. Built in 1900 to commemorate the visit of Victoria to Kingstown as it then was, and destroyed in the 1980s, this has been restored in recent times.


Detail from the fountain


Birds abound…

The most stunning part of the fountain is the metalwork dome



Nearby is this lovely Hobby Horse Merry Go Round, reminiscent of days gone by…….


I enjoyed my flying visit, and hope my next visit will be more leisurely to enjoy all that Dún Laoghaire  has to offer.


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