Don’t Stop Me Now!

This very arresting title headlined an article in Woman’s Way magazine in which I was featured a couple of weeks ago, resulting from an interview/long conversation with the journalist Arlene Harris. Arlene was trying to discover how the lives of people have changed since our younger days and how they are so different to the lives of younger people today, and indeed older people of just a few decades ago because of our attitudes and most of all because of modern technology.
Being featured  with Marie O’Gorman, the renowned Skype Queen and great-grandmother was a real privilege. Imagine teaching your grandchildren to knit on Skype! Marie is a great example of someone who grasped modern technology with both hands, knowing that it would enhance her life and reduce social isolation and shorten the distance between her home in Ireland and her daughter’s home in Armenia.
My own life has been totally transformed by social media and I am fortunate to have as close friends people who live in Australia and the United States. I have met some of these wonderful people in person, and it is as though we have known one another all of our lives. One very special lady has visited me in Ireland and stayed at my home, while I meet other followers on social media on a regular basis at events and confereces across the country..  The encouragement and support of other social media users is phenomenal and can only have a positive effect on older people who may otherwise be living in social isolation.
I am very grateful to Age Action for the inspiration and encouragement to keep going as a ‘Silver Surfer’ and for the excellent programmes they have in place to encourage older people to engage with technology especially through their ‘Getting Started’ classes that run across Ireland. Age Action also co-ordinates U3A , which is an abbreviation for University of the Third Age. I like to think of these as ‘Discovery’ programmes for older people where we can learn from our peers in  the University of Life by sharing skills and life experiences. Bingo and sing alongs are wonderful for many of our generation but are not for everyone. How about outings to historic places, museums, art galleries,concerts, theatre events,long walks or short holidays abroad? The world really is our  oyster!
And a huge ‘thank you’ to Woman’s Way for featuring  Silver Surfers  and spreading the message of a whole new world that is there to be explored in our later years! !
The text of the full Woman’s Way article can be read here  180815 Women’s Way article. (Published with permission). My photo is  by the very talented Eva Birdthistle in Limerick .


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14 responses to “Don’t Stop Me Now!

  1. Well done to you on your interview in Womans way.
    My mum is in her 80s and has mastered the art of email and skype. She also enjoys reading the news on her ipad every morning.

  2. Great interview! It’s really good that stereotypes of “old people” are breaking down. My mum is almost 80 and has just bought her first tablet. She’s quite at home with social media, skype and has really embraced the tablet news apps. The research about friendships was interesting too; I worried about Mum being lonely (she hasn’t lived in her current house/town long), but she’s much better connected than me and her support network is really strong.

  3. Well done on a great interview, Angela.

  4. Fantastic! I don’t think I’ve seen your face before – so nice to have one to picture, now! It is a fantastic photo. My dad is 76, and his wife (not my mother, she is passed on) turned 70 today. They garden like mad things, and are on FB and Skype for us kids and grandkids and great grandkids all over the planet.
    It does strike me odd that the people in their late 20’s use the Internet less than us older folks.

  5. Leith

    More power to Silver Surfers wherever they may be! Delighted to read your interview, Angela, and to see you in print now as well as in A Silver Voice – very encouraging. Well done!

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  7. Congratulations Angela, on helping to lead the way. it’s a privilege to be one of those distant friends you’ve met in person 🙂

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