Getting Started with Age Action


One-on -one informal learning at Age Action Getting Started programme.

One of the smartest moves I ever made in my life was to engage with modern technology. Computers, iPads, laptops, smartphones are far removed from my childhood experience of growing up in a rural area of north Donegal where we did not even have electricity. Our ‘wireless’ as our radio was then called, crackled away on the windowsill, running off big glass wet batteries!

The Internet is an amazing and beneficial global communication tool and one which often, regrettably, is not used by many of  my generation.  It used to be available only at fixed locations, such as in an office or a home. Now the word ‘wireless’  has a whole new meaning as it allows people on the move to have access to this great means of communication.  It is vital that older people get into in this ‘new fangled stuff’ as it has the potential to change their lives in so many ways. In my case, it allowed me, living in relative rural isolation and with most of my family in Australia, to keep in contact with them for little or no cost, to make life simpler by doing such things as booking flights and hotels online, listening back to radio programmes I may have missed, and doing business such as paying bills and ordering goods online . It is a total life changer for older people.


Age Action, aware that older people often face ‘digital exclusion’ have devised training for older people on a one to one basis across a range of devices. Since 2006 Age Action has trained almost 30,000 people to get engaged with this life changing form of communication.  I am particularly delighted to be involved in that activity as a volunteer  trainer. Today in Midleton, Co. Cork we began our four-week training sessions  in the local community centre.  A great time was had, and I  look forward to the next number of weeks encouraging others to share in the benefits of being online.


Students and trainers get down to business

Age Action runs classes in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Louth, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Sligo, Cork, Kilkenny and Waterford and classes are also available in Meath, Westmeath, Clare, Kildare, Wexford, Galway, Kerry. – See more at:




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6 responses to “Getting Started with Age Action

  1. Communicating online can be a godsend to those unable or maybe unwilling, to venture out of their homes… but it can also lead to the most amazing new opportunities… New hobbies, new contacts, more awareness of what is happening around the world, discovering more about your family’s past and the history of your home village/town/city…
    For me, the greatest benefit has been the forming of wonderful friendships from all over the world..

    • Oh indeed as I kno wall to well – it has changed my life ( as you know). Imagine travelling to Brisbane to meet you ! The bigger picture will hopefully become clear to trainees as they gain confidence with their ipads and iphones. I certainly have a message to send to all of them about all you have mentioned!

  2. Getting older people involved in this way is important. I grew up with electricity but remember not having TV or phones in rural South Texas. Radio was our means of communication. I still have a flip phone but know that we will have to upgrade soon. Keep up the good work! We don’t want to go back, do we?

    • Communications have changed at a phenomenal rate in the past few decades..a flip phone is fine, as it works! It’s interesting to listen to my grandchildren watching older films and they wonder why people in them aren’t carrying mobile phones!

  3. Hi SV. Every week I skype my 85 year old mom and my 93 year old dad. That should inspire some of the younger ‘lads & lassies’ you are dealing with!

    • That’s great! More and more older people are getting smart phones and iPads as gifts but often don’t get to grips with them. There is no doubt that these devices can open up a whole new world for older people. Your parents are fortunate to be able to have conversations with you on a weekly basis! Thanks for dropping by!

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