Living with COPD

In November 2015 Novartis Pharmaceuticals made a series of short films with women who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. I was delighted to be asked to participate and to meet some powerful, extraordinary and inspirational women on the day, Gerardine, Paula and Pauline in particular.  (See previous post,Taking a Breath).  People  with COPD  experience exacerbations or episodes when symptoms get worse than usual and we get sick, usually with or after an infection. These episodes can be serious and life threatening. This short film focuses on personal experiences of some of the women who participated.


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COPD Support Ireland



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7 responses to “Living with COPD

  1. Yes, you are ALL courageous women! Thank you for sharing the film and teaching us more about COPD. Lovely looking ladies too!

  2. Until you experience this or have loved ones that do, it is hard for people to understand the seriousness of it. Thank you for making us all more aware…

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  4. Hi Angela. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award: If it’s not your kind of thing…no worries…if it is…great! I hope you accept, though, as I’d love to read your answers. All the best. Kim

  5. Apologies, I mean Kim. thank you Kim!

  6. I hear more and more about COPD. I hope scientists find a cure for it soon.

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