Birthday Remembrance J.D Gallagher

On this day, 3rd February, 1886, our grandfather James was born to Isabella Molloy and Daniel Gallagher in their little house on the side of a mountain in Mulnamina, near Glenties County Donegal. He was their 7th child (of 10) and their second son. I like to think that his was a joyful day in their family in spite the fact that it was hard work for them to feed another mouth on their small farm.

Our grandfather James Gallagher c 1944
J D Gallagher Passport photo September 1944 (Image thesilvervoice)

He died on November 26 1944 from Typoid Fever aged 58.

He was the father of five children, one of whom, my uncle James Patrick Gallagher was named after him.

He never knew any of his 14 grandchildren, (one of these was also named after him – my brother James Daniel). 12 grandchildren survive, with the other two buried beside him in the family grave in Carrigart.

Of his 13 great grandchildren, one, James Day also has his name.

At this point he has 13 great great grandchildren and probably counting….

I often wonder if future generations of his descendants will be curious about him and hopefully they will find this blog!

James Daniel (JD) Gallagher 3, Feb 1886 – 26, November 1944

Headstone of my grandfather J D Gallagher at St John the Baptist Graveyard, Carrigart.


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6 responses to “Birthday Remembrance J.D Gallagher

  1. At least you have remembered and honored him!

  2. Congratulations! Your blog has been included in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at

    Thank you, Chris
    Always lovely to remember those who have passed.

  3. I love family history stories! Genealogy is one of my passions!

  4. Paul Gallagher

    Hi Angela. Just came across this post browsing through your blog. I often tell my own James Daniel Gallagher (8) he’s named after his great great grandfather as well as his grandfather. I only know this through Damian! I hope you’re keeping well in these strange times.

    • Hello there! Yes, James Daniel ‘run’ in the Gallagher side – very often standing alone – Dad was Daniel Gerard, your great great grandfather was Daniel . Haven’t been able to track who the original James was -possibly the father of Isabella Molly, spouse of your great great grandfather. There was a strong tradition of naming poeple after relatives- which makes tracing family a nightmare ! Lovely to see that your little JD is in grat company!
      Keeping well, albeit suffereing from regular bouts of ‘fed-upness’

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