From inside the ‘Cocoon’ – Spring

No sooner had I made the previous post than news came that my brother -in-law’s mother had died. In the midst of the relentless statistics and the names of lost loved ones, new life continues to emerge.

Spring is my favourite time of year and it was beginning to make an impact while I was still permitted a daily walk. I am so glad to have these images of lovely things still happening, of life going on, of nature unhalted, of seasons turning.

A ladybird explores a Dandelion. (Image thesilvervoice)
A magnificent Magnolia bursting forth (Image the silvervooce)
The queen of our Spring… beautiful wild Primroses (Image Thesilvervoice)

I love this poem by the 18th Century poet, John Clare (1793-1864)

To a Primrose

Welcome, pale primrose, starting up between
Dead matted leaves of oak and ash, that strew
The every lawn, the wood, and spinney through,
‘Mid creeping moss and ivy’s darker green!
How much thy presence beautifies the ground!
How sweet thy modest, unaffected pride
Glows on the sunny bank and wood’s warm side!
And where thy fairy flowers in groups are found
The schoolboy roams enchantedly along,
Plucking the fairest with a rude delight,
While the meek shepherd stops his simple song,
To gaze a moment on the pleasing sight,
O’erjoyed to see the flowers that truly bring
The welcome news of sweet returning Spring.


Here in Ireland, everyone who is compromised by health issues and those aged over 70 must stay at home during the Covid-19 Pandemic with food and medication being delivered by family members or teams of volunteers. This is called ‘Cocooning’ and this is a series posts from inside the cocoon.



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2 responses to “From inside the ‘Cocoon’ – Spring

  1. Hi Angela, how do you feel about this compulsory cocooning? I’d be furious. Here in Jersey, 65+ counts as vulnerable. Even though we still have our freedom right now I’m raging at how a fit and healthy 67-year-old is classed as vulnerable above (say) a fat smoker of 40. I think, for the first time in my life, I’d defy the law of the land if they tried to stop me getting a bit of exercise, well away from anyone. Or a daily trip to the corner shop.

    Anyway, glad to know that you’re well and still producing thoughtful blog posts 🙂

  2. I am not elated about it at all but I would be very anxious to avoid being in an induced coma on a ventilator – or worse again – being responsible for a surgeon having to choose between me and a younger person for scarce resources. It’s quite an astonishing situation that we find ourselves in in the 21st century. I am hoping that we may be allowed out for a short walk possibly next week. It’s not easy living in an apartment with no balcony or garden for sure. Food and medicine is delivered by police, post people, other volunteers here or we have online shopping there is an excellent support network. Stay safe!

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