Mandatory Retirement

I was delighted to be interviewed by the Irish Independent journalist Kim Bielenberg last week for his feature on Jobs for the over 65s. My input was on the far-reaching effects of mandatory retirement at age 65 and how it affected me.

The full article can be read here.




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9 responses to “Mandatory Retirement

  1. Well done Angela.

    We’d love to feature your work on our blog sometime. If you have any interest, drop us an email:


  2. Excellent article! Mandatory retirement does not make sense to me, certainly not at 65!

  3. This should be read by all who are approaching that magic age… surely, eventually, the powers that be will come to realise that besides all else, so much experience, skill and work ethic is being wasted. Not to mention that it makes more sense to have people paying tax, rather than paying out pensions!

    Thank you, Chris

  4. Comprehensive article about an important subject. Mandatory retirement is such a waste of expertise and experience.and I was touched by your contribution Angela. It hit you hard as it does so many people: I think that there is an argument for a flexible retirement age as there are some who welcome an opportunity to retire earlier.

  5. This is interesting to me because I can’t wait to retire! I hope to retire by age 57; 60 at the latest. I have so many plans. If I could stop working right now, I would. I certainly understand wanting to work longer for the money and the social life, not to mention the personal fulfillment that some people get through their careers, but I’m not one of those people. I work to live. I can’t wait until I can just live. 🙂

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