Irish people who made a difference

This page lists blog posts about extraordinary Irish people who made a lasting impression in places they lived, and who deserve to be better known at home in Ireland.

John Joseph Walsh From Kilfinane to Karlgoorlie

Margaret Ann Bulkley: The extraordinary Dr James Barry

Dr James Barry ‘A perfect female’ 

C.Y. O’Connor, A tragic Genius

Discovering Martin O’Meara V.C. and the Psychological cost of World War 1

The boy ‘full of frolicsome fun’ who went mad: Martin O’Meara V.C.

Dave Gallaher, First All Blacks Captain

Remembering Dave Gallaher, Donegal man, All Blacks Captain

Celebrating Irishness Chuck Feeney

John Boyle O’Reilly

The Irish Fenians who escaped from Western Australia