Our Family Storybook

This page will feature posts about our own family history. I am regularly reminded that I need to get it written down (presumably in case I die and all the ‘stuff’ dies with me!) Notwithstanding such concerns about my possible(?) demise I have until now resisted committing keyboard -to -screen as there are so many gaps. I realize of course that the gaps may never ever be filled so I will run with what I know so far.

Our family names are  Gallagher from Glenties in County Donegal, Ireland and Friel from Fanad County Donegal on our father’s side. On our mother’s side we have Clinton from County Kildare and Williams from Edenderry County Offaly.

Irish family research is notoriously difficult on several fronts – sheer number of families with same surname; sheer number of families who, as a badge of honour and out of respect, named their children after parents and other family members; the propensity for members of families to live close to one another and/or to follow same occupations, and the lack of family grave headstones. Add these to the challenge of Irish vital records  – civil registration only began in 1864 so  it is difficult to get back past this date. Availability of Church records depended on the local clergy but thankfully in some instances, with a smattering of Latin and an ability to  decipher challenging handwriting, it may be possible to get  some earlier confirmation of  family members. Some parishes have records going back much longer, but our family seem to have avoided living in those!

How I wish that our parents were still with us to know what we know now about their origins.

The First Post is all we know about the Gallagher family origins

  1. Gallaghers from Mulnamina Glenties 

Next generation

Eileen Ann Gallagher 1919 to 1999.