A last farewell

On March 7, 2020, I said goodbye to my sister in Perth Western Australia at the end of my holiday. I had been staying with her during my almost annual trip down under to visit her and my daughter and my grandchildren.

She was looking forward to a holiday in Ireland and would see me soon. Donegal, where we grew up, she called her ‘happy place’.

Tra na Rossan. A local beach where Eva grew up and spent many happy hours.

Little did either of us know that this would be the last time we would physically be in the same place.

Covid happened, Australian borders were closed and then she got very sick.

That last hug has to last me for my lifetime. Three years on, it is still one of the most cherished moments of my life.

Photo courtesy of Rhonda.

Our lovely sister Eva Gallagher Croskery died on 31 December 2021 aged 65.

“For you were beautiful, we have loved you dearly
More dearly than the spoken word can tell”



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17 responses to “A last farewell

  1. Beautiful… I’m very sorry for your loss

  2. yardsailor

    There are no words, keep her in your heart.

  3. Eileen Gildea


    div dir=”ltr”>


    div dir=”ltr”>Angela, I have often wanted to comment

    • Thank you Eileen . Can only see part if your message

      • Eileen Gildea

        Angela, I have often wanted to comment on your lovely postings but only now see that I can do so by responding to this email. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a sister, let alone being separated from her while she was ill. That’s a special kind of pain but I’m sure she felt your love all the while. I wish you peace.
        Eileen Gildea

      • Thank you so much Eileen. The separation was unbearable although we were in contact by text up to twenty times a day . Sadly her last weeks were lonely and scarey for her. She was very afraid. We are hoping that peace is not too far away for her when her final wishes are

  4. Marie Amyot

    So sorry for the loss of your dear sister. Marie Amyot Perth, Ontario Canada ________________________________

  5. sarthure

    That is a beautiful and heartfelt post, with love in every word. I’m sorry for your loss.

  6. They never fully leave us while we remember them… as sad as it is not to be able to hug them, talk or write, happy memories are at least some comfort.

  7. That is so sad Angela, and no better tribute than those lines from Roger Whittaker’s song.

  8. Angela, I have just seen your heartfelt post now and offer my deepest sympathy. I hope your treasured memories are of some solace.

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