Spring in an Irish country churchyard

My lunchtime walk today was to a little churchyard on the tidal estuary of the Owenacurra River, near where I live. A church built c. 1550, and already in ruins by 1615, is a feature of this place. Originally part of the demesne of Ballynacorra House, the graveyard has many interesting headstones and grave markers.

The focus of my walk today was to enjoy the emerging spring flora in this peaceful sheltered spot and I was not disappointed!

Blue bluebells, white three-cornered-leek, often mistaken for wild garlic with its distinctive garlic scent, cover the ground in great drifts, while apple and cherry blossom create a bee-loud glade.

Smaller clumps of wildflowers are scattered about

So many beautiful vistas here.

What a beautiful location for a relaxing stroll!

Further information

HistoricGraves have conducted a survey of this important graveyard and transcriptions can be seen here.

www.buildingsofireland.ie  Ballinacurra Graveyard



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7 responses to “Spring in an Irish country churchyard

  1. How I love the results of your strolls.. I feel as if I’m wandering with you… This truly is another beautiful area.

  2. You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful walk near you. I love visiting old graves. This one is lovely!

  3. Leith

    What a treat, Angela! A great idea to include the link of HistoricGraves for Ballinacurra graveyard too. Thanks for sharing your lovely springtime ramble.

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