Postcards from the Wild Atlantic Way – the mighty Slieve League Cliffs.

This is the 4th post from my almost 3,000 kilometer trip along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. I have now crossed the border into my home county of Donegal in the north-west of Ireland. To my absolute shame, I had never visited one of Ireland’s premier attractions, the magnificent cliffs at Slieve League in the south west corner of the county. On the day of my visit, the car temperature gauge was showing 32 degrees C, almost unheard of in Ireland. It was also flat calm without a breeze high up there on the cliffs, which meant there was nothing ‘Wild’ about the Atlantic  below. For all that it was a most amazing experience to be up there on some of Europe’s highest cliffs, on the edge of the world. No commentary is needed on the photos, which I hope you will enjoy!



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7 responses to “Postcards from the Wild Atlantic Way – the mighty Slieve League Cliffs.

  1. How heavenly can it get!

  2. Gorgeous. And no Visitor Centre to spoil them either 🙂

  3. When we were there, we took a boat trip around the base of the Slieve League one day and then drove to this spot the next. It was so neat to see it from both angles!

  4. Ooo, will have to put it on the list!

  5. That’s how I felt when I went to the Cliffs of Moor a few years ago. I felt like I was on the edge of the world and imagined a ship voyage to the US and how far it would be. Absolutely breathtaking cliffs!

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